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rekndle Protection Plan - Quick Guide

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What We Offer:

  • Coverage: Mechanical breakdowns, power surges, accidental damage, wear and tear from normal usage.
  • For Products Under $150: Replacement plans covering up to the original purchase price.
  • For Products Over $150: Repair plans covering parts and labor.

Key Terms:

  • Start Date: Coverage begins on the 31st day after plan purchase.
  • Duration: 2-Year from day 31
  • Accidental Damage: Covers impacts, liquid spills, and physical damage.
  • Registration: rekndle will register the device on your behalf.

How It Works:

  • Service Process: Call us for authorized service. A service fee may apply.
  • Replacements and Repairs: We decide whether to repair or replace. Replacement ends the plan for that item.

Important Conditions:

  • Transfers: Plan can be transferred to a new owner of the product.
  • Cancellation: Protection will be cancelled if phone is returned in 30 days


  • Does not cover misuse, unauthorized repairs, cosmetic damages, or loss from theft/fire.

For Service:

  1. Register Your Plan: rekndle automatically registers your device with every purchase.
  2. Request Service: Contact directly.
  3. Follow Up: For reimbursements, submit estimates for approval.


  • Specific terms and exclusions apply based on product and coverage selected.
  • State-specific conditions may affect your coverage and cancellation rights.

For detailed terms and conditions, please visit Rekndle's website.