About Rekndle

Hello there! I'm Jason, the heart and soul behind rekndle. This venture is my dream turned reality. After working with an array of marketplace seller from Walmart and eBay, I realized something crucial - there's a real need for a marketplace that not only sells refurbished electronics but champions the concept of trust and top-notch quality. That's how rekndle came to life!

At rekndle, our philosophy is simple: Devices deserve a second chance too. It's all about breathing new life into something that already has a story, making it ready for its next chapter in your hands. We're here to prove that refurbished electronics can be just as amazing as brand new ones, if not better.

To do that we are including a 2 Year Full Accidental Warranty on all electronics. You can see the full terms here but I pretty much can cover anything outside of fires and dogs... for now. 

Every seller on our platform is handpicked, ensuring they share our passion for excellence. We're not just a marketplace; we're a community that believes in sustainable, smart shopping, and offering products you can rely on.

So, come join our journey at Rekndle! Together, let's redefine the refurbished electronics space, making it a world where quality meets trust, and every purchase is a step towards a more sustainable future. Get ready to find your next electronic gem with us – where every product tells a story and is waiting to become a part of yours.